The following training and practitioner events are hosted by our friends PeopleTalking: 


Certification Training


Structural Dynamics 2.0 Masterclass Series: For Practitioners and Leaders around the globe:  

  • #1 – Model building – Amy Edmondson and David Kantor | What emerged from their meeting in 2020 around the integration of both bodies of work…where is this integration at now? | Tues 18 Jul 2:30pm PDT | Wed 19 Jul 7:30am AEDT | Register here
  • #2 – David Kantor’s pursuit of interventionist mastery | How aware are you of Compensatory Replacement, transference, family of origin recreation, projection and other interpersonal distortions impacting you in the room? | PDT
    Tues 19 Sep 2:30pm | Wed 20 Sep 7:30am  AEDT | Register here
  • #3 – The Behavioural Index instrument (BI) debrief | Why is page 11 so important? The missing focus on Life well lived and why David Kantor saw page 11 and what it represents as critical to work on | Tues 17Oct 1:30pm PDT | Wed 18 Oct 7:30am AEDT   | Register here
  • #4 – How do you work with High Stakes? | When the intervention is as a result of a rupture, and also how do you work with high stakes before there are any signs of rupture?  | Tues 21 Nov 12:30pm PST | Wed 22 Nov 7:30am AEDT | Register here


Read more about the levels of training here: 

Level 1 - Making Change Happen

A foundation level course in using Structural Dynamics and the corresponding Baseline Instrument to create transformational change. Open to those already using the concepts as well as those being introduced to them for the first time. This unique program providing leaders, coaches and organizational development professionals with the tools to work at a much deeper level within groups and systems.

Level 2 - Changing Behavior in High Stakes

An intermediate level course in using Structural Dynamics to understand and manage high-stakes behavior in individuals and teams. This program offers practitioners, coaches, facilitators, and leaders the opportunity to look, through the lens of Structural dynamics, at what drives human behavior in a crisis. It is open to those who have successfully completed the entry-level 1 program Making change happen.

Level 3 - Building Change Models

An advanced level course exploring how to build your own model for change within a client system. Available for those who have successfully completed level two Changing Behavior in High Stakes.